1. Our Website

To find your login area, simply head to our website www.thebarbarianbody.com and head to the link at the top right of the page titled “Login”.

2. Our Streaming Platform

Once Logged in with your Username/ Password, you’ll be able to access all of the Workout Programs on our Streaming Platform!

3. Available Training Programs (Home + Gym)

At the top of the content, you can quickly jump into all of our available training programs. Home Workout Programs and Gym Workout Programs have been split up in to seperate categories.

4. Inside A Program

Once inside a desired program, you’ll be able to scroll through all the available workouts and stream them!

5. Accessing Your PDF's, Manuals, Etc.

To access your PDF’s Manuals and Diet Plans, head to the top menu and click on “PDF’s Diet Plans, Etc.”

6. Accessing Your PDF's, Manuals, Etc.

Once clicked, you’ll be redirected to our sister-platform Kajabi, where you can access everything! **All Diet Plans, PDF Manuals and Workout Programs: https://shop.thebarbarianbody.com/login

(use the same email address you used to sign-up! If you can’t login, simply click the ‘Forgot Password’ link at the bottom of the page to recover your account. Check your Inbox, Promotions and Spam folder for the “Reset Password” email. After resetting your password you will have access to all our bonus documents!)

7. What's Available!

Inside we’ve got 3 unique 14-week diet plans, manuals for our programs, as well as day-by-day schedules.

8. How To View Each Manual

Simply click into your desired document and view by scrolling down to our “Flipbook” software.

9. Our "Flipbook" Software

After you click “Fullscreen” on your selected document, you can quickly jump through the pages with our simple and fun-to-use “Flipbook” software!